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Multi Sensory Environments

Snoezelen and Sensory Integration Design services

We are one of the most experienced companies designing, supplying and installing Multi-Sensory Environments, working in this field since 1994.

Our experience and expertise allow us to offer you special design services in order to make sure that you get the environment which will best suit your goals and objectives in the most efficient and cost-effective manner while, also, being able to provide special, out of the ordinary designs making your Sensory Room that much more special, if required.


Having worked in this field for so long, we know that you want a solution to your sensory environment based on the widest available choice of Sensory products, not necessarily restricted to just one manufacturer, with prompt and involved responses from the designer you are working with, answers to your questions, providing sketches of your room, suggesting equipment layout and making sure that the proposed environment will meet and exceed your expectations and requirements.

Our approach is different. Since the beginning, we have always looked at every Multi-Sensory Project as unique, requiring special individual approach with the emphasis not just on the budget but a multitude of factors such as the type of institution where the room is to be installed, type of users, type of therapists/carers/relatives, user age groups, user special needs, access considerations, room peculiarities, specific interests and goals of each Customer, specific ideas (if any) from the Customers etc, etc, etc.

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Naturally, if we are allowed to supply your Multi-Sensory Equipment too, we will reimburse any costs for these services.

While we will strive to provide you with a competitive quotation for the MSE products, our emphasis is not on the lowest price. All the equipment we supply is carefully sourced in order to bring you the products of the highest quality with the most effective and positive sensory feedback, reliability, safety, user friendliness and interactivity.

If required, we can supply all the installation materials and provide installation services for your room too.

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